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Blue Moon Goals For Samhain

Blue Moon Goals For Samhain

Let’s write a bit about the goals that I have and the dreams that I want to manifest

There are a number of things I’ve been meaning to get to and get them off my chest

I want to finish my website and make it the best it can be

so that when people come to visit, excellence is all that they see

I must also revise all of my portals, and reengage with the platforms I have

so that I can make them work for me instead of being a pain in the ass

I want to read through the economics books and take all the good ideas

I want to speak to the ones I’ve gathered so other people can hear

the challenges that face us and what has gone wrong, as well as what has gone right

we can recreate our world, and if we can forgive, we just might

I want to write out the words of Christ and weave them into a pattern

they are, after all, the Unbroken Path, and they certainly do matter

I feel like I want to revisit it all, everything that has passed before me

perhaps now’s the time, on this Samhain blue moon, to start to revisit my history

As I’ve started with old blogs, I’ll revisit them all and consider how they should be scheduled

so that my entire year is a portrait of ideas that can be praised or ridiculed

My goal is attention, to connect with those souls who will vibrate at the same speed

who resonate with what I offer and want to help me get what I need

My highest goal is to be all I can be an not be overwhelmed

though my ship may be rocked by the waves of life, I will remain at the helm

When all is said and done, I’m the artist of my life and decide how it should go

and it always goes more smoothly when I merely go with the flow

I could plan all day and make elaborate strategies, but I rarely follow through

or quite possibly, I’ve been playing a longer game, and just need another move

I’ve given up all to become less than I am and dropped everything I believe in

Now I get to go back and pick up the pieces and see where they might weave in

to the greater tapestry that I’ve never seen because I’ve been so close to it

how amazing all of those moments were when I thought that I blew it

Yet they were only the blemishes that wu wei requires to create a life of beauty

and to appreciate all of the flaws and the failures has now become my duty

For as much as I’ve failed and let myself down, so has my society

through the creation of civilization, we’ve gotten down with some real impropriety

but if I can forgive myself, I can also forgive others, on down through the annals of time

and realize we’ve always been making this up, just as we make up rhymes

Humanity has not always been perfect, nor does it seem so today

Yet if we can learn from our mistakes then and now, we can find a better way

So I’m moving on with music because it fills others and I with joy

and I realize that wanting to play for a living may make me sound like a boy

and I don’t doubt that adulting is hard and I’ve never really caught the rhythm

there are a quite a few who won’t dispute the idea that I’ve got a bad case of Peter Pan syndrome

There are a quite a few things for which the modern world demands that I take responsibility

But I’ve never been able to get stuck in that mud and have much preferred my mobility

While to many, I’ve been a pain in the ass, a user, a loser, and bum

Others have continued to believe in me and always knew good things would come

from the life that I led and decisions I made or the ones that I let slip by

but both those who said I was good news and bad luck were unmistakingly right

And if they forgive me and I forgive them for our stumbles on this Unbroken Path

maybe Christ was right and life is eternal if you only apply the right math