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Your Daily Groove – Create Something Beautiful

Your Daily Groove – Create Something Beautiful

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy is the person who can find beauty in the world around him. Peaceful, the person who can find beauty in all things. Exuberant, the person who creates it. Exultant, the people that beautifies their lives.

While it is a wonderful thing to be able to mix paints, sounds, or images to create a beautiful work of art, using that same skill to create beauty in one’s life brings artistry to an entirely different level. Artists, be they visual, musical, or performance, are somewhat limited in the people that the beauty they create effects. People must go to a gallery or a theatre, or come across the work in another way in order to appreciate it. But Life Artists create a reverberation of beauty that transcends their own being and echoes through the lives of everyone they meet.

Each of us has the innate, artistic ability to create something beautiful in our lives. Perhaps it is something as simple as a smile or a friendly gesture. Perhaps it is giving to or volunteering for a worthy cause. However, every act of beauty we create in our own lives blends with the tapestry of humanity to create a work of art which will be known as the legacy of us all. Create something beautiful today.