Steve’s performance rates vary depending on the venue, audience size, and other factors. Obviously, for Steve, the money isn’t the most important thing, but how we use it and the time we spend. However, rates begin at 200$ for just Steve, and an additional 100$ for each member of the Wandering Soul Band.

For ticketed events, Steve requests the opportunity for an ABC Squared Economics experiment. This means that a portion of each ticket sold goes to the Artists involved, the Business that produces the event, the most local level of Citizenry (community association, city, county, etc.), and a charitable organization or other Community endeavor. Ask for more details.

Additional Requirements and Considerations

Transportation costs may be applied.

In addition to music, you may be interested in customizing your Steve McAllister experience with a performance of one of his shows The Cowboy Cabaret, Will Rogers Revived, or Seamus O’Day and the Irish Way. Ask for details.

Email to book a performance today.