A Song For Donald Trump

Wanting to wish the president a full recovery so he’ll have the strength to pack his belongings, I wrote him a song. I’m just kidding. I didn’t really decide to write a song to Donald Trump, but once the title popped into my head, there was only one person it could be about. The song is called, “It’s Been A Long Time Coming, And I Can’t Wait To See You Go”. 

The challenge I set for myself this year was to write one song per month, and this month, this song really wanted to be written. I made the commitment on New Years Day, when I wrote a song called “Broken”, but most of the songs have been written throughout the month, with the chord progression coming one day, the title coming a few days later, and then the lyrics coming to light nearer to the end of the month. I suppose the muse felt that this one was timely enough to let it all come in one session. 

Now, I recognize that there will be certain people who will be offended by some of the lyrics or the general tone of this song, but I have to say that, as an artist, it’s merely a portrayal of how offended I’ve felt for the last five years. However, for those who are offended, even for those named Donald Trump, I do apologize before I even put the song out there. It’s just got such a catchy hook, and I think it’s really damn funny. 

Plus, I really want Donald Trump out of office, and I’m hopeful that this can be a rallying anthem.

I don’t hate the man. I actually have quite a bit of compassion for him. To be raised as he was, becoming a millionaire by the time he was six years old, there are many aspects of life that we regular folks experience that he never had the opportunity to, and I think that that sort of insular upbringing, of always getting what you ask for and never really having to actually work for things, has an adverse effect on emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

From my own experience and from what I’ve seen in the lives of others, our characters are often refined through our hardships. Tough times actually toughen us and carve us into better people. I can’t imagine that Donald Trump ever really went through tough times like so many of the rest of us have, and I think, in some ways, he has a disability because of it, one that causes him to behave like a spoiled child who has always gotten his way. 

Basically, like the song says, he doesn’t live in the same reality as the rest of us. He doesn’t even live in the same reality as the rest of the Republican Party. Just look at how the dynamic of the convention changed this year from the standing tradition of having speeches given by senators and congresspeople speaking to issues (you know, actual members of the Party) to the president’s friends and family members merely singing his praises.

I can’t honestly promise that Joe Biden is going to be a great president. Personally, I wanted Marianne Williamson, and I still wish that every American would read her book Healing the Soul of America. Nevertheless, considering that none of the more than thirty “third” parties has a chance, and the extent of our freedom is limited to the choice between the two of them, I believe that with Joe Biden, we would be more likely to have the opportunity to change our system and improve it, whereas Trump is more likely to force us into bankruptcy like so many of his other projects, and make us to rebuild from the ground up. 

Anyway, I hope you like the song and share it with your people. I hope we can all sing it together like at the end of Bill and Ted Face The Music, and in two and half months we’ll never have to hear about him again so that we can focus on more worthwhile endeavors. I hope this song has a short shelf life, but if I have to wait another four years to sing it again, I hope you listen to some of my other songs in the meantime.

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