The First Release

If you’ve been following along for the past couple of weeks as I’ve started to release chapters of my book How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, you read about my first encounter with the UFO. However, that wasn’t really the inciting incident for the adventure I take in the book. It was just a precursor.

The actual inciting incident was the email. Although the book is a work of fiction, this email was real. It wasn’t true at the time, and was probably sent as a prank, but it did actually happen. As crazy as it may seem, I liked the idea, and eventually wrote the book, or at least part one. I’d like to see Sarasota become a marketing mecca… whatever that means.

This is what happened when I got the first congratulatory email from my friend Bob…


His message read, “Congratulations, Steve! I just read the report in Page One. That’s awesome! I had no idea. Keep up the good work.”

Page One? No idea about what? I knew that Page One was a daily email newsletter from SRQ Magazine, but had never actually read it. I thought it must be time to start. I went to the next email.

It was from a graphic designer I knew named Tony. “Great job, Steve! I knew you had it in you.”

What? What do I have in me? I went to the next email.

It was from Burt. Burt was a documentary filmmaker. Leave it to him to check up on the facts.

“Steve, is this real?”

I scrolled down the page to read the forwarded article. “Local Author gets Publication Deal”.

For immediate release – – August 24, 2005

Pelican Bay Books announced it has signed an agreement with Sarasota author Steve McAllister to publish his manuscript entitled “The McAllister Code”. The electrifying plot centers on aliens temporarily grounded by Hurricane Charley, who are so captivated by the Gulf Coast’s sun and surf, that they decide to stay. The book cleverly details how the ultra-creative creatures, with a new concept of community, plan to transform Sarasota into a global marketing mecca.
When asked if his book is fiction or non-fiction, McAllister, who heads up Second Thought Productions, stated: “Yes, it is a novel excursion into the inner realities of today’s markets.”

For further information, contact Lester Prince, Jr.
Gulf Gate Public Relations

I thought it was an interesting concept when I read it, but not nearly as interesting as the fact that I hadn’t written the book.

This is an excerpt from How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. Get your copy today!

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