Life Lessons from Super Heroes

Every few years, the movie studios seem to collude on certain ideas and we get a couple of films that are very similar in scope that either compete or collaborate for get audiences watching them. For instance, AntZ and A Bug’s Life gave us a summer of animated insects while Deep Impact and Armageddon had us battling asteroids in ’98, Dante’s Peak blew its top the same year as Volcano in ’97, and this year Marvel and DC had our favorite heroes battling each other.

maxresdefaultMy friend’s 4-year-old son had a hard time wrapping his head around the concept of Batman and Superman battling each other, and some found it equally difficult to see Captain America and Iron Man standing toe to toe. Yet just as the Zombie Apocalypse took over airwaves and theater screens over the last few years as banks and too-big-to-fail companies died in the market, but were brought back to life to continue eating our wealth, popular culture is again a portrait of who we are.

At a time when we are empowered with communicative abilities beyond comprehension only a few years ago, we are using our technology to play the old game of bickering over the only 2 options we are given by those who say they lead us. Just as we have been given only 2 options of good or evil in how we’ve been told to view all of life, for the last 240 years, we’ve all been told to assume our identities by participating in parties that relentlessly fight over which one is which, a battle which has culminated with only 9% of the survivors delivering the last 2 candidates representing this antiquated world view.

There is a possibility that the ridiculousness of this campaign may open our eyes to the ridiculousness of the system we’ve been coerced into serving. Perhaps we will join those who are using our technology to collaborate instead of compete so that we can transcend the limitations of our current system and open up to the improvements that await us.

Until then, enjoy my rendition of the Spider Man theme song, and remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Realize your power and respond appropriately.

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